List of Repairs

Now the fun of making and prioritizing the fix-it and upgrade-it list. Some of key items:

Bridge Repairs

  1. Wind screen, needs new lexan or plexi
  2. Railing needs fix or replace
  3. Teak hand rails, need repair
  4. Canvas, reinstalled if I can find or replace
  5. Bimini. I think we have canvas, needs frame.

Cabin Trunk

  1. Railings need repair/replace
  2. Mast needs repair and boom replaced


  1. Bow rail fix/replace
  2. Fiberglass fix right below flybridge
  3. Center window glass replace


  • Still need to sort out what is worth keeping.
  • Most likely radios stay and I start building new system around current Multi function chart plotter.

Hmmm. Typing it makes list look too long.

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