Our First Lighted Boat Parade – July 4th

What we learned from out first lighted boat parade:

1. You can never have enough lights.
2. You need to get too close for Barb’s comfort to the 65′ boat in front.
3. The little “go fast” boats that want follow and dart in between are annoying and should be sunk (joking?)
4. A little 18′ can win when it dresses up light a sailboat.
5. I really do not like finishing out of top 3
6. We need a MUCH BIGGER horn  (and maybe a signal cannon)
7. Red, White and blue makes Purple. Need more white lights.
8. Our generator can run for a couple hours (had not run that long yet)
9. People really really liked Bill’s boat (he came in #2)
10. Going to start shopping for more lights for next year.

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