Great Loop Cruising: A Guide to the Looper Lifestyle

Ever wonder what it’s really like to cruise America’s Great Loop?

We did, so Barb and I attended this seminar held in Cleveland, Ohio.  It was a great introduction and confirmed many of the things we knew so far.  We met some great folks and two of the couples presenting are actually in Cincinnati.

We also go to meet Curtis Stokes and his wife.  That has been my favorite web site as we (I) dream of our boat and doing research.  If you don’t know what a trawler is, check it out:

Here is one of my top five boats so far, the Grand Banks 46 Classic


Update on Our Research – Our First Trawler Fest

I think one of the hardest things and starting to look at doing the great loop is just what type of boat to use. People who know me know that I like to get big toys so it’s hard to restrict my dreaming and focus on more of a specific budget. Since Barb and I started boating, we only owned sailboats. So for trawlers controllers we have no ideas for a size and costs. So we decided to go to the trawler fest in Essex Connecticut. They gave us a good sense for the size and cost of now have a binder fullof simple boots and our anticipated price age range.

The Beginning

This is the official start of our planning (Barb and I) our America’s Great Loop adventure.  I’ve been thinking about doing the loop for several years, and we are likely 5+ years away from starting.  However, I wanted to start documenting our process.

Step 1: Convince the Wife on Concept (I got a Great Loop book for Christmas, check)

Step 2: Sign up for AGLCA – Check

Step 3: Start Researching