Ongoing Electronics Project

Our Trawler had major upgrades in 2005. At that time she received state of the art electronics. But today, those electronics are dated. With the removal of the fly bridge when she came up from Tennessee, the wiring was in quite a state.  I have slowly been removing old electronics and making way for the core NMEA 2000 based system. My first component is a garmin 7607xsv. 

In addition, I will use the two Raymarine radios that seem to be ok.  In Addition, I got the ST50 depth sounder to work.  


Engine Room Lighting

After struggling with flashlights in a very cold engine room for two months, I’ve upgraded some of the engine room lighting.

When I got the boat, there was a fore and aft light in the engine room.  The aft was broken, but the forward working briefly.  These were original (I think) and I decided to move up to LED lights.  I wired two new LED to port and starboard on the forward side of the engine.  During wiring, I found the wiring was tied to the “horn” circuit and not the engine room light.  This is just the beginning of a wiring adventure based on the number of “upgrades” done by the previous owners.

I will be fixing the aft light with parts from the removed forward light at a future date.

Here are some before and after shots of the engine room.